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The MomBabe community started with a simple observation. Moms want more.

After being a huge fan of the first MomBabes Motherhood Anthology, I thought writing a chapter in Volume 2  would be easy. I'm a writer, I'm an author and my favourite topic is motherhood.

I was so wrong.

Sharing my story in The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology Volume 2 hasn't been easy, but it has been more enriching than I ever dreamed. I began with an empty page and let the words pour out. I haven't had a straightforward motherhood journey and I've written lots about it so that was an easy place to start. I wrote about a gestational heart disease diagnosis, postpartum anxiety, identity struggles and the loneliness I've felt since becoming a mum. But what kept coming up in my writing was my own Dad, and the pain of parenting without one of my own parents alive to be part of it. I've never written about my Dad, I don't talk much about my grief anymore except with a select few. But as I began, it was all I could write about.

I miss him so much.


My Dad would have been an incredible Grandpa and I hate that he never got the chance.

I hope stories like mine and the 17 other incredibly vulnerable stories in this book make someone feel less alone, like it's ok to grieve in waves and that when the plan changes and everything is unexpected, there's love to be found.

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