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A children's book about self-care
and managing overwhelm

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A perfect story for school-age children, parents and teachers

about anxiety in an over scheduled world.


A perfect story for school-age children, parents and teachers about anxiety that comes in an over scheduled world.
Josie was stuck at home and bored. School ended and friends couldn’t come over to play. Her calendar was empty, so she had to entertain herself. At first it was fine keeping busy, but after weeks of playing on her own, Josie was lonely.

Then, finally, her mom gave her the good news she’d been waiting for, school was back open and Josie would be able to play with her friends!

Josie didn’t waste any time making plans, filling her calendar with play dates and activities. But, after diving back in, she starts to feel tired and restless. Her tummy is in knots.
Why was she so anxious?

After listening to her body and considering her feelings, Josie trusts her instincts and settles her anxiety by taking some time for herself amongst all her activities. It turns out, spending so much time alone had given her the gift of being a really good friend to herself. Josie learns the value of taking time to recharge and leaving space for herself on her busy calendar. 

Peek Inside

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Jenn is a passionate and easily-inspired Public Relations & Communications specialist. She is the Founder of WINT Communications, regular contributor to as well as Mama to two littles and wife to an animated Irishman. Jenn suffered postpartum anxiety after the birth of her daughter and in an attempt to explain her ‘tummy knots’ to her young son, began writing a children’s book. After "post-pandemic anxiety" kicked in, she knew it was time to share this story with the world. 


Jenn loves sharing the unique stories of brands she works with and is excited to tell her own stories through a fictional lens. She lives in Vancouver Canada where she's on a continual quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie in the city.  

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